Monday, March 5, 2012

Unpaid Air India pilots to fly 'cash & carry’

NEW DELHI: Unpaid for months and fed up with hollow promises of getting their dues, pilots of Air India domestic have decided to put the airline on "cash-and-carry " from April 1. After a meeting of their union on Sunday, it has been left to individual pilots to tell the management that they will fly from next month only if their dues - five months' performance-linked incentive (PLI) and three months' salary - are paid fully or at least substantially.

While many agitated members wanted some immediate action, the union, Indian Commercial Pilots' Association (ICPA), decided against giving a strike call as such protests have only led to promises from the government in the past, which were never kept. "The top people in the ministry and management (read minister Ajit Singh, secretary Nasim Zaidi and chairman Rohit Nandan) want to pay us but the money has to come from the government which is not happening.

A common draft has been prepared which pilots (who wish to do so) will start sending from Monday to the management about not being available for duty from April 1 without clearance of dues," said sources.

Atop aviation ministry official admits that the "ball is not in their court" as the equity has to come from the government . But the employees are running out of patience, which is evident from the text of the letter prepared on Sunday : "It is very demoralizing not to have been paid my longpending dues inspite of repeated assurances from the highest authority, the last one being on January 1, 2012... The continuing instability and non-payment of salaries for several months has caused me immense financial stress... A combination of these factors makes it impossible for me to continue my flying duties. Therefore, I request you to kindly ensure that either all my dues are cleared by March 31 or consider me unavailable for work starting April 1."

While the equity infusion has to come from the government , pilots of both AI and Kingfisher are now pointing fingers at aviation authorities . "When a pilot, who has not been paid for months, is in the cockpit and his mind is elsewhere due to financial stress, he does not fly the plane. The plane flies him. It is indeed a serious safety hazard . But neither the DGCA nor the ministry are looking at this aspect," said a senior commander.

AI and Kingfisher together account for nearly one-third of the domestic market share. And, with question marks hanging on their schedules with unpaid pilots threatening to stop work, along with safety issues with Kingfisher, air travellers face an uncertain future.
Source: India Times

Monday, February 20, 2012

Did Air India deploy bigger aircraft for Praful Patel's family?

New Delhi Air India had deployed a larger aircraft to apparently accommodate the family of the then Union Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel on their trip to Bangalore-Maldives in April 2010, file notings disclosed by the national carrier indicate.

It had been claimed since the seven business class seats were already booked on IC-965, flying from Bangalore to Male, Air India switched to a bigger aircraft A320, with 20 business class seats, to accommodate seven members of the Deshpande family -- in-laws of Patel's daughter Avni.

The passenger list now disclosed after the directives of the Central Information Commission shows the Deshpandes were indeed on board IC-965 April 25, 2010 on the flight from Bangalore to Male and back on April 28, 2010.

The list names Congress leader R V Deshpande, Radha Deshpande, Prasad Deshpande, Meghna Deshpande and Master Dhruv, in addition to Avni and her husband Prashant Deshpande.

According to the disclosure, the notings show instructions were issued over email from the Mumbai headquarters to change the "equipment" of Bangalore-Male flight on April 25 and Male-Bangalore on April 28, 2010 from a smaller Airbus A319 to larger A 320.

Air India normally flies Airbus A 319 aircraft on the route which is a smaller craft with eight business class seats and 114 economy class seats.

The order, a copy of which was supplied with the RTI reply said, "Due to heavy demand in J Class on Bangalore Male on April 25, 2010 and Male Bangalore on April 28, 2010, the J Class capacity was increased on the above two dates by rotation change in equipment."

The order for the change were issued from top officials of Air India as the copy for the decision was sent to Aben Lal, who is now General Manager, Commercial with a note: "This is in reference to your telecon with Mr F J Vaz (now Executive Director, Commercial).
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Competitors of Air India | Trifter

Competitors of Air India | Trifter

Air India, the India Flag carrier, is the oldest Airline in India, which serves not only 49 domestic destinations in India but also serves 26 international destinations in 19 countries across Asia, Europe and North America.

Air India, the India Flag carrier, is the oldest Airline in India, which serves not only 49 domestic destinations in India but also serves 26 international destinations in 19 countries across Asia, Europe and North America. When you will fly with an Air India flight, you will feel like Indian Maharaja, due to the comfort and facilities you will get in every Air India Flight. Change of Air Corporation Act of 1953, in the year 1994, resulted in removing the monopoly of Air India on scheduled services. Change of Aviation rules in India, resulted entry of various private airlines in India, which includes names like Air Sahara, Jagson Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, GoAir, IndiGo etc.

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